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Superficiality… we all have it, in different degrees maybe but it is sure present in all of us. What makes us say “he/she is not my type of guy/girl” or “I like him/her”? It’s the superficiality present in us. We are made to like a certain kind of person physically and dislike the physical appearance of others.

Superficiality is not a bad thing in itself if you are polite about it, that is not openly criticizing people or stopping all social contact with those whom you find physically unpleasant. Usually people whom you are not attracted to make good friends.

Moreover I think that choosing your partner from a physical as well as other point of view will help you have a more strong attachment to that person. You should like what you see every morning when you wake up and not be flooded by a feeling of compromise, like “I don’t like what I’m seeing but I must see the heart/character of this person”. This does not work.

For girls, if you like tall guys, choose to go out with tall guys. If you go out with a short guys you will feel awkward at the end of the day, no matter how much you like the guy, from the time that this guy is not of your type, one day you will have enough of him. This is cruel said like that but superficiality is cruel in itself. We live in a cruel world…

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6 Responses to “Superficiality”

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turns out to be so cruel and true most of the time (…)

and add to that social status differences which plays a big role in superficiality level …

great post! you are right about superficiality.

first time i come on this blog, not read everything yet, but sounds cool.will be on my reading stuff list 😉

nice wordpress … do blog more often

You know what? I totally agree with this post.

I hope that you post more stuff 😛

I always say, don’t look for the perfect person, don’t even look, you eventually meet someone you like who isn’t necessarily of a certain type or form, but just someone you like and you get along well with. Perfect love isn’t about loving the perfect person, but loving the imperfect person perfectly. And people tend to overrate love or infatuation or whatever we call it. Just take it easy. The easier, the better and the more enjoyable it is when it finally happens.

I sound like Shah Rukh Khan for God’s sake! I hate myself now!

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